Stay focused.

Who wants to be successful in his live and achieve challenging goals, has to be focused in his mind. You only have a chance to realize your dreams, being concentrated and determined on the target.

Limes 8 is made for the doer, the visionary, the determined. For all men, following their challenging goals far beyond the average.

There are no limits for focused men.

Infinite motivation.

The origin of our doing and acting is our motivation to reach the target, the motivation to do something bigger and important.

This becomes our incitement for the day, our week and our entire live. It exists in every men, but most of the people are losing their motivation, their hook. It is the absolute will to success, motivating the successful.

To give up is no option for motivated men.

Driven by passion.

Who wants to become successful and no longer average, must be ready to accept risks. The risk to follow your passion, no longer stopped by others, finding your own way.

Successful men are ready to leave the easy way, moving on the stony way of passion. Truly, this way is not easy but it is the only way to bring you to the biggest success.

There’s only one way to be happy: follow your passion.

Everything except usually.

Success is not only happening. Being successful means work, hard work. Concentration, motivation and passion are very important requirements to be successful.

Who wants to accomplish more than everybody else has to be willing to perform more and be brave to take the risks. But at all the effort is it worth. The doer, in opposite to the average, has created something, most of the other people will never be able to.

Our Mission

Success is a question on the DNA. But – the right DNA is only one element of many, making the difference of successful men. Focus, motivation and passion are the main characteristics to reach your own, challenging goals.

We have made it our business, to support you, developing your success. The awesome ideas, driving you to go the extra mile, are in your mind, right now. To have a view beyond the horizon gives you new perspectives.

Our mission is to support successful people, reaching their challenging goals.

We will make you successful.

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Limes 8 is about success, your success.

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